Mayor Paterson comments on Union Park Kingston

In his recent State of the City remarks, Mayor Bryan Paterson singled out Union Park Kingston as the type of development he feels the city needs, and a priority for the City.

“Housing creates much needed living space, but it can also play a really important role in urban renewal. A good example of that would be the proposed Union Park development at the former Prison for Women site. This is an exciting proposal to convert the [former prison administration] building into condos…there’s also plans for a retirement residence, a hotel, lots of green space, and other pieces that can really bring this piece of property to life that has sat dormant for a couple of decades now.

That’s the sort of that’s the sort of action that I’m looking for…to unlock parcels and properties in the city to be able to [not only create] new housing but [also create] all the other elements [that increase] quality of life.”

Mayor Paterson’s remarks begin at approximately 23:50.