Ongoing | Proactive Consultations

Public sessions and key group meetings

As part of this process, Union Park Kingston will hold public sessions so that neighbours and other members of the community can provide their feedback and ask questions.

Additionally, the Union Park Kingston group continues to meet with key groups such as the Prison for Women Memorial Collective, residential & commercial neighbours, Portsmouth District Community Association, and other representatives of various community groups. We are taking a collaborative approach to inform neighbours, address concerns, and find common ground in our plans. To date, our discussions have been positive.

Consultation sessions schedules will be announced on our website and through our email newsletter.
Est. 2022

Review and Approval

The project will be subject to a review by the Kingston Municipal Heritage Committee and by the City’s Planning Department, followed by approval at the City’s Planning Committee and full City Council. A vote on the proposal is unlikely to occur before 2022.
Est. 2022


The former prison building is functionally obsolete and will require significant interior renovation to make the building occupiable, meet modern building and fire code requirements, and offset the costs of these renovations. Any form of redevelopment will require rezoning. Therefore, Union Park Kingston will be applying for a rezoning of the site.
Est. 2023-2026


Construction is estimated to commence in late 2023 or early 2024. Construction would take at least three years and would occur in phases thereafter.


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