If you want to visit Kingston for a short stay of a few days or a weekend, there are lots of great options: from traditional hotels, to historic boutique[…]
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Our project appeared before the City of Kingston Planning Committee on Thurs., Oct. 7. You can see the Notice of Public Meeting for more details. In advance of the[…]
When you take a walk in your old neighbourhoods, your mind inevitably turns to memories from years gone by. The convenience store where you spent way too much money[…]
A key feature of our proposed designs for the former Prison for Women involves open space – a lot of it, in fact. The full site is approximately eight[…]
You may have seen a crew of trailers and people onsite at the former Prison for Women recently. But they don’t belong to a construction crew – they’re a[…]
The City of Kingston predicts that seniors will constitute a quarter of Kingston’s population by 2036.[…]
On Aug. 11, Siderius Developments team members Nate Doornekamp and Martin Skolnick, along with moderator Rob Wood and land use planner Mike Keene, presented our proposal and answered over[…]
Mayor Paterson stopped by the site of Union Park Kingston to discuss our plans. Check out this short video on his YouTube channel.[…]
Union Park Kingston’s launch was reported on by all of Kingston’s major news outlets, including Global News, The Kingston Whig-Standard, and The Kingstonist. We’re grateful for the strong media[…]
News in brief: Union Park Kingston is a new planned community proposed for 40 Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard, a brownfield site that was the former location of the[…]

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