Supporting Documents

Note: Some of these documents are quite large. They are best viewed on desktop computers rather than mobile devices.

Floorplans and Elevations
Identifies the height, dimensions, and layouts of each building.
Renderings of the proposed seniors housing including assisted living and retirement residence.
Measurements and statistics related to the site.
A document outlining some of the context, supporting studies, and proposed amendments.
An explanation of the design decisions made by the Union Park Kingston team.
A survey which maps out the location of the planned buildings relative to other neighbouring lots.
Environmental Site Assessment
An assessment of the soil contamination onsite.
Outlines how Union Park Kingston will protect the heritage aspects of the former administration building and its broader historical context.
An overhead map of the planned buildings and landscaping.
Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries (MHSTCI) Clearance Letters
A confirmation from the Ministry that the Ministry is satisfied with our archaeological reports. The reports themselves cannot be shared due to Ministry guidelines. We are awaiting the Stage 1 letter.
An assessment of the potential noise impacts from Union Park Kingston.
A report which looks at the utility servicing of the site versus the forecast needs.
Identifies the potential for the proposed buildings to create shadowing on neighbouring properties.
Establishes baseline traffic conditions for the study area, prepare forecasts for future background traffic growth, and assesses the operating conditions for the study area.
A list of trees on site and their general condition.
Assesses anticipated pedestrian wind comfort conditions at grade and on elevated amenity terraces; snow drifting at grade; and anticipated roof snow loads on the existing Heating Plant building following full build-out of the proposed development.
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